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The level of embellishment is sufficient for a robust caliber built for efficacy, but we’re somewhat disappointed with the irregular rate results of the movement compared to people of other Jaeger-LeCoultre watches we have tested previously. Our Witschi timing system ascertained that the best connection between two places is a fair 8 minutes, and some of the individual values strayed into the minus column: the analyzed model lost a mean of 2.3 seconds every day. This value was supported within our wrist evaluation. In terms of wearing comfort, even though the watch’s massive, gold case leads to its hefty weight of 140 grams, it fits snugly around the wrist. You will experience minor problems when putting it on and taking it off because the gold, double-folding grip has a couple of sharp edges and doesn’t have push-pieces to open it. On the other hand, the lack of this push-pieces contributes to the grip’s slim, elegant look.The different areas of the clasp are milled from solid gold and are, expectedly, very sturdy, although they might have been somewhat thicker at the joints so the pins could have had a bigger diameter. The hooks snapped in a simulated evaluation below the weight of a heavy book that was put on top of the opened clasp. Obviously, in the event the proprietor of this luxury watch treats it he shouldn’t experience any problems.Nonetheless, a pronged buckle would have been a better choice for this alarm watch. After all, it should be placed flat on a table in the evening so that it can ring in full volume the morning after. It rings much more quietly if it’s lying on its side, as is normal for a timepiece having a folding clasp. Few could be expected to go to the trouble, before drifting off to sleep, instead of taking away the clasp’s stirrup and pulling out the leather strap. Notwithstanding the relative merits of folding clasps and pronged buckles, the Master Memovox is a luxury wristwatch that should make its owner happy thanks to gorgeous design, fantastic craftsmanship and superb user-friendliness. And should the gold version, at $20,350*, is too costly, there’s also a steel model for $9,600*.

  • It is definitely an anachronism but first of all is telling time with a balance along with a mainspring, and secondly, it’s part of the appeal. The Memovox is a reminder that once upon a time, we might have used written agendas, recorded memoranda using a Dictaphone, written with fountain pens and delivered messages overseas by cablegram, but there is a leisurely deliberateness about placing an alarm by hands, and waking up to its mechanical stridulations, that makes the Memovox (to paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi) a more tasteful alarm, for a more civilized age.By now you are probably familiar with our A Week On The Wrist reviews, where we provide a detailed look at the history and technical aspects of a watch whilst also describing what it’s like to actually wear the watch. But we know you’re not just interested in contemporary watches, so this is actually the first of many future A Week On The Wrist reviews appearing at classic classics. To start things off, I took a trans-Atlantic trip together with the first automated alert watch, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox.The mechanical alarm is a underrated complication. So out of a pure utility standpoint, the mechanical alert is a little behind the times. When it comes to allure however, there is nothing like a mechanical alarm wristwatch.Alarm clocks go back millennia — and that is not just hyperbole. There’s speculation that the ancient Greeks had water clocks rigged to fall ring gongs, and trigger all manner of additional noise-making mechanisms. The alarm we all know today is actually based on relatively simple mechanisms: a barrel is wound, preserving energy, and if a particular period is reached, that energy is released, turning a gear that rapidly moves a hammer back and forth from a resonating chamber, gong, or bell. Pretty straightforward, right?

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  • The alarm clock, the kind you may wind-up in your bedside table and place to wake you up at any certain time, was patented in the USA in 1876 by inventor Seth E. Thomas. Almost a century before, in 1787, an identical clock was invented, yet this one was made to ring at a certain period whenever wound and could not be put to various times by the user. Thomas’s clock immediately became a mainstay in American houses and is the very first clock that almost all of us today would instantly recognize as an alarm clock.As for placing this functionality in a wristwatch, it would be another couple decades before Vulcain created the now-legendary Cricket. In 1947 the initial Cricket was released, which makes it the first wristwatch with a functioning alarm complication. The real difficulty here was creating the alarm loud enough to wake up the wearer, instead of it simply being a novelty. Vulcain used a dual caseback system to assist the alert resonate without needing to add too much bulk. Later the Cricket line could be expanded to add alert watches which could also function underneath water.Shortly later this, Jaeger-LeCoultre joined the alert complication game, giving us the Memovox.The Memovox was initially introduced by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1950/51 with the manually wound Calibre 489. The two separate crowns allowed you to manually wind and set the alarm and timekeeping parts of the motion separately.

  • Alright, now we have my general compliments from the way, let’s have a better look at exactly what it is like to use the Memovox. It is possible to use the alert for almost any daily reminder, but travel seemed like a excellent way to test a watch in this way. During a four-day trip abroad, I used the Memovox rather than my pragmatic iPhone to alert me to my dressing times, dinner appointments, and even to awake in the morning.I’m a pretty heavy sleeper, so I’ll confess I was skeptical going into this test. Multiple backup alarms were set, as I didn’t intend on flights or unintentionally waking up at in the title of horological rigor. But only once were those back-ups needed. Two out of three mornings that the Memovox did its job exactly as intended. Placed to a stone-topped bedside table in the resort, the Memovox’s alarm resonated well. Because it’s such a clearly analog alert sound, I believe my body has been additional attentive. An alarm does not necessarily need to be the loudest, it just needs to be the ideal sound for the job. Most of us are so utilized to the digital beeps of more modern solutions, therefore the Memovox really gets your attention. Whether that could dull with time, I can not say.For daytime alerts, such as letting myself know when to run from one place to another or when to meet with a colleague for lunch, the Memovox was infinitely more pleasant than using that ever-present phone. Rather than having the alarm move off, requiring me to pull out my phone, turn it off, and irritate everyone in the surrounding region, I had a much more personal solution at hand. The Memovox on the wrist isn’t anywhere near as loud as a phone, but the vibrations get your attention in place of the loud noise. Sure, it will make a noticeable sound, but unless you’re in a quiet place — library, theater, etc. — nobody will be put off.

  • Occasionally these are replaced with overall components and not Jaeger-LeCoultre support parts. Service components are obviously much less desirable as first parts, but these completely foreign elements can kill the value of the watch altogether.There are two Memovox configurations which are almost always hammered, and these are the worldtime and parking meter Memovoxes. The worldtime dial has a center disk that lets you create the watch a worldtimer when you’re not utilizing the alert and the parking meter dial lets you set the alarm particularly for time a parking meter, using a blue “P” symbol and graduated markers up to two hours. These were created by Jaeger-LeCoultre however, the Huge majority out there today are fake dials Intended to increase the value of an otherwise basic watch.There is also the issue of “LeCoultre” vs.

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  • Several years later, in 1956, the Cal. 489 was replaced using the Calibre 815, making the Memovox the very first automatically wound alarm wristwatch. The alert function on these cal. 815 Memovox is still wound separately from the rest of the movement. Since there’s absolutely no on/off change for the alarm, it’s always set if it’s wound, so automatic winding would mean the alarm was always set within 12 hours when the watch was running. This might be problematic for apparent reasons.Finally, we end up with the very iconic Memovox movement, the Calibre 825, which is a cal. Modular motions can be expertly built or clumsily cobbled together, and also the caliber 825 is most definitely the former. Both defining characteristics of this cal. You can really feel both going back and forth while the watch is in your wrist, but that is charming instead of annoying.Jaeger-LeCoultre didn’t stop there, eventually making a full-rotor wound Memovox, modernizing the alarm clock, and creating lots of related watches. The movements, however, were the exact same, no matter the appearance.In 2010, after more than two decades of dormancy, Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced the Memovox back into the kind of this Master Memovox. It is powered by a standard 956 motion and clearly pays homage to the cal. It’s very wearable, speaks aesthetically to a very particular era in horological history, and has a complication it is possible to get practical use from. There’s a whole lot to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox in a well-conceived package that’s at the same time easy to understand and intriguing whenever you strap it at the wrist.


    Basic Info

    Brand Jaeger-LeCoultre
    Model Master Memovox
    Ref. No. 144.8.94.S
    Chrono24-ID 4y2l71
    Movement Manual winding
    Case material Steel
    Bracelet material Leather
    Condition 1 (mint)
    Gender Men’s watch/Unisex
    Location United States of America, New York, Huntington
    Price $4,795
    Availability Available now


    Movement Manual winding


    Case material Steel


    Bracelet material Leather
    Bracelet color Brown
    Clasp Buckle
    Clasp material Steel

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    Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox Master Control Alarm Steel Manual 144.8.94.S Watch Y8



    Jaeger-LeCoultre (Guaranteed Authentic)

    Model Master Control Memovox

    Gender Men’s

    Metal Stainless Steel

    Case Size 36.00mm

    Wrist Size This watch will currently comfortably fit the average male wrist up to 8.00″ inches

    Movement Original Jaeger-LeCoultre Swiss Mechanical: Hand Winding Movement with an alarm function

    Crystal Original Jaeger-LeCoultre Sapphire Crystal

    Dial Original Jaeger-LeCoultre Black Stick Dial

    Bezel Original Jaeger-LeCoultre Stainless Steel Domed Bezel

    Band Original Jaeger-LeCoultre Genuine Brown Lizard Leather Strap with an ORIGINAL Stainless Steel deployment buckle. Band has an extra hole put in by the original owner. See photos


    Yes, this item includes a presentation watch box

    Papers Yes, this item will include a Collectors Coins & Jewelry certificate of appraisal and authenticity as per buyer request.

    Era Modern

    Condition This item is in EXCELLENT condition with LITTLE TO NO wear. It has recently been professionally inspected, time-tested, and pressure-tested. Please review the images provided.

    Our Price $4,792.89 USD

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    Huntington, NY 11743